The Complete Words

If you like Queen, the rock band, then you've found the place to be! Here are some of the delights to be had inside......

  • Read wholly accurate lyrics, even for the live albums,
  • Listen to Real Audio interviews, rarities and MIDI files,  
  • Download WinAmp skins and a Windows desktop theme,  
  • View over 400 pictures, animations, morphs and Flash movies,  
  • Express your opinion in the Queen polls,  
  • Play some Queen games,
  • and learn how to contact other Queen fans.

Enter the site

After hitting 4500 unique visitors (downloading 650mb) per day I have taken the decision to reduce this site down to it's bare minimum and back to what it started out as; a lyrics site. As I have always run this site as a fan (with no advertising or sponsorship) I can no longer justify the running costs.

Many apologies to all my regular visitors and thank you for your custom.